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indietro avanti

Soundboard: german spruce
Back and sides: brazilian rosewood
Fingerboard: ebony
Neck: mahogany
Bridge: brazilian rosewood
Saddle: bone
Scale length: 648mm
Width of fingerboard: nut 52 mm; 12th fret 62 mm
Thickness of neck: 1th fret 21 mm; 9th fret 24 mm
Body depth: top 90 mm; bottom 98 mm
Distance between strings: capo 42 mm; bridge 59 mm
The finish: French shellac polish
Weight: 1,450 kg

This model was created in collaboration with the guitarist Rocco Peruggini, who for many years has been promoting the research and development of string instruments. He has initiated expositions and set important activities to analyse and try out concert guitars. This model distinguishes itself for having both the poetic and expressive sound of the ancient Spanish guitars as well as the versatility of a modern guitar. Its polyphony is pure and its sustain very high without any buzzing until the end of each note.
The sound is well-balanced and the tone modulation goes from the dark to the clear quite naturally. It has a huge dynamic range starting at pianissimo and going up to forte. The quickness of response is really excellent and even improves with the length of time.

indietro avanti

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