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I take my inspirations from the XXth century Spanish luthiers,
but I do not want to copy them.
Above all I want the sound to be original and have a rich character
of its own; I wish my instruments to be an inspiration to those who play them.

I carefully select the woods,
because I believe
that in their nature
the beautiful sounds are hidden.

Many famous guitarists from around the world have already chosen my guitars:
Roland Dyens, Philippe Villa, Rocco Peruggini, Lorenzo Micheli,
Jan Žácek, Petr Vit, Cristiano Porqueddu,
Richard Jacobosky, Alberto Mesirca, Adam Marec & Eva Soviarová duo, ...

My workshop is in
Villafranca in Lunigiana (Tuscany),
where I go about
my work with
unfaltering passion.

Giuseppe Guagliardo
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